The Thinkers Behind The Mug
Josh Loewen

Shamala Sathe

Business Marketing Consultant

Shamala Sathe is an business marketing consultant with more than 25 years experience moving people, products and brands forward.

Shamala has spent most of her career with major advertising and market research agencies, holding a number of senior strategic and management positions in marketing, communications and advertising.

During that time she has worked with such well-known companies such as of Mahindra & Mahindra, HUL, Kraft, GSK, P & G, Con Agra.

Today, she brings the thinking and discipline of big business marketing to small businesses. She makes it easy, understandable and affordable.

Josh Loewen

Saurabh Sharma

Strategic Thinker

Saurabh is a strategic thinker adept in marketing, brand, and communications planning and management.

Professionally he has over 12 years of experience in research, sales and marketing. He headed the Marketing & Corporate Sales team at BPL & has launched 5 products at a PAN India level.

Saurabh has the ability to think strategically and creatively align marketing, brand, and communications programs to client business objectives to ensure commercial outcomes are achieved.

Saurabh is an avid traveller who loves to spend more time on the road than at his home.

Mamatha Kothuri

Research & Advertising

Has over 8 years of experience in research & advertising. She has worked extensively across categories such as beauty & skin care, food & beverages, tobacco.

Mamatha focuses on providing the client marketing material which will generate results by idea management, Conceptualizing Brand imagery, Market Research/ Consumer Insight.

Mamatha loves turning complex ideas into simple and fun stories. Her heart is in illustration, and her mind is in the gutter.